Jason Appleton, also known as Crypto Crow, was recently banned from YouTube only to have his channel restored shortly thereafter.  

“Looks like my channel was terminated by YouTube without warning today,” Appleton said in an April 8 tweet. “I've never so much as had a strike,” he pointed out, adding:

“No idea why my channel was hit with this. They really don't tell you anything. I'm crushed right now. I'm stunned. I feel I've done everything properly.”

Within a day, Appleton saw his account restored. "My channel is back online!" he said in an April 9 tweet. "I'm shaking and crying like a baby."

Appleton's account touts approximately 81,000 subscribers. 

YouTube bans in and out since late 2019

Several instances of crypto-related YouTube content and account bans surfaced in December 2019, with popular faces such as Chris Dunn, Omar Bham, Sunny Decree and many others feeling the effects in some form.

YouTube lifted many of the bans shortly after, although the media platform restrictions began ramping up once again in March for some accounts.

Crypto Crow hit in April

According to the language Appleton used, his account was not banned, but terminated. “Crow was alerted in one of his Telegram groups that his channel had been terminated,” he said in an April 8 blog post explanation.

The influencer noticed an email from YouTube claiming someone reported him for a video he posted involving crypto and taxes, as well as a prior email from the platform explaining the removal of one of his videos on Bitcoin and capital gains taxation.

“Somehow, a reputable channel with no strikes or warnings, was warned and then completely terminated without further explanation in a matter of an hour,” Appleton’s blog post said. 

Appleton back online

Appleton stated via tweet that he still has no confirmation concerning what led to his account's termination. Following his channel's reactivation, he also noted the presence of a strike on his account. "Is that becoming a rite of passage for Crypto YouTubers?" he said referencing the strike, and adding a word of thanks to everyone for their support. 

The influencer posted a YouTube video shortly after his tweet, talking about the situation. Within hours, his new video came under fire.

 "Someone is definitely trolling my channel and abusing the @Youtube @ytcreators algorithm," Appleton said in an April 9 tweet. "The live video I just did thanking everyone was immediately flagged," he added. "YouTube really needs to put a stop to this madness."

A follow-up Twitter post on the same day revealed YouTube had removed his strike. 

"So my warning is gone and so is my strike. I have been apparently bathed in the waters of redemption as I now have no community strikes and this video is back."

Registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization Blockchain Education Network, or BEN, also recently suffered push back from YouTube and email marketing outfit Mailchimp for reportedly breaching usage terms.

Cointelegraph reached out to Appleton for a follow-up, but received no response as of press time.