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Blockchain and cryptocurrency security is essential. After all, an autonomous monetary system can only go so far if it can be easily exploited by hackers, rendered inoperable through a mere software bug, or shut down by the powers that be. 

Bitcoin’s unique security model is possible through a clever alignment of incentives between the network’s stakeholders — miners, developers, merchants and users. Any attempt to capture the network or reorganize the chain would result in the value of the currency plummeting and thus render any intended benefit completely worthless. The cost of being a bad actor significantly outweighs any possible reward. 

Thus, it is in every participant’s best interest to simply play by the rules and collectively work toward the maturation and adoption of the Bitcoin (BTC) ecosystem. 

Since its launch in January 2009, the Bitcoin network has never been compromised at the base layer and has had virtually 0% downtime, making it one of the most secure computer systems on the planet. 

Cryptocurrency wallets, applications and exchanges that build products and services atop Bitcoin and other crypto networks, however, have frequently been the target of hacks and scams, highlighting the ongoing need to establish best practices around cybersecurity and operational security. 

To showcase the total utility of the blockchain, an ecosystem that creates a single entry point into multiple applications can help users see the technology for...
Platform provides entry into the cryptocurrency world with a decentralized account model aimed to connect experiences
Sarah Jansen
Instead of a safe harbor for crypto firms, SEC Commissioner Caroline Crenshaw called for a “bridge” in which crypto firms work with the SEC to determine complia...
SEC Commissioner says ‘safe harbor’ laws would’ve made ICO problems worse
Brian Quarmby
Market Analysis
The XRP price chart is painting a golden cross while rising inside an ascending channel.
XRP price eyes $1.50 next after bouncing 30% in just 10 days
Yashu Gola
Messenger and WhatsApp are known for aggregating user data and selling it for profit to advertisers. This company brings an encrypted messenger to protect the d...
No outages, no data leaks: The new WhatsApp killer built on the blockchain creates privacy-focused encrypted messenger
Chris Jones
Lossless also plans to ship a security tool that will reportedly aid DeFi projects in preventing hacks and exploits on their platforms.
DeFi security project 'Lossless' helps recover $16.7M from Cream Finance hack
Osato Avan-Nomayo
Malicious actors reportedly took advantage of Coinbase’s SMS account recovery process to gain access to user funds.
Hackers exploit MFA flaw to steal from 6,000 Coinbase customers — Report
Sam Bourgi
Market Update
RGT, POLY and TLOS secure double-digit gains as investor sentiment rises after the Fed says it will not ban cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin briefly reclaims $44,00...
Rari, Telos and Polymath rally as Bitcoin price hits $44K
Jordan Finneseth
The SEC asserts that the defendants unlawfully gleaned more than $700,000 through a wash-trading scheme that targeted exchanges offering market maker rebates.
SEC takes action against two meme stock wash traders
Brian Quarmby

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