Aaron van Wirdum

Aaron van Wirdum is a freelance journalist. He studied Politics and Society in Historical Perspective at Utrecht University, and specialized himself in the influence of freedom of speech and communication technologies on social structures

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Instant cryptocurrency exchange ShapeShift has completed its fund-raising of US$1.6 million; Nick Szabo says banks must go permissionless to get all of blockcha...
SEP 9 DIGEST: ShapeShift Raises $1.6 Million; Nick Szabo Says Banks Need Permissionless Blockchains to Survive
Aaron van Wirdum
French investment banking firm AXA is eying to use bitcoin for remittances; Australia-based Bitcoin mining operator Bitcoin Group is closer to being listed on t...
SEP 8 DIGEST: AXA Bank Considers BTC for Remittance Market; Bitcoin Group’s IPO Back on Track
Aaron van Wirdum
Research indicates that blackmailers may have extracted thousands of dollars in bitcoin from those seeking to buy silence in the Ashley Madison hack and more ne...
SEP 7 DIGEST: Ashley Madison Bitcoin Blackmail Reaps Profits; Final Silk Road BTC Auction Likely for 2015
Aaron van Wirdum
CoinWallet ran a “stress pre-test” on the Bitcoin network in preparation for the real “stress test” next week, the MtGox story might be adapted as a movie, and ...
SEP 4 DIGEST: CoinWallet Conducts 'Stress Pre-test’; Hollywood Agency to Adapt MtGox Story
Aaron van Wirdum
The latest version of California's “BitLicense” adds new reporting requirements to licensed businesses, Coinbase expands its services to Singapore, and more top...
SEP 3 DIGEST: Proposed California Bitcoin Bill Adds New Reporting Requirements and Coinbase Expands to Singapore
Aaron van Wirdum
Bitcoin developers representing some 90 percent of the commits to Bitcoin Core in the last years have written and signed an open letter to the Bitcoin community...
SEP 2 DIGEST: Bitcoin Devs Pen Open Letter to Community; UK Gov’t Explores Blockchain for Recordkeeping
Aaron van Wirdum
Former Secret Service agent Shaun Bridges plead guilty to stealing over US$800,000; a Goldman Sachs global investment research analyst praised blockchain techno...
SEP 1 DIGEST: Silk Road Investigator Pleads Guilty to Bitcoin Theft; Goldman Sachs Analyst Says Blockchain Will Change Asset Ownership
Aaron van Wirdum
Barclays announced that it will allow people to make donations to charities in bitcoin; bitcoin exchanges and wallet companies are developing strategies to deal...
AUG 31 DIGEST: Barclays to Enable Charitable Bitcoin Donations; Coinbase Expands to Canada
Aaron van Wirdum

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