Aaron van Wirdum

Aaron van Wirdum is a freelance journalist. He studied Politics and Society in Historical Perspective at Utrecht University, and specialized himself in the influence of freedom of speech and communication technologies on social structures

SEP 09, 2015

SEP 9 DIGEST: ShapeShift Raises $1.6 Million; Nick Szabo Says Banks Need Permissionless Blockchains to Survive

SEP 08, 2015

SEP 8 DIGEST: AXA Bank Considers BTC for Remittance Market; Bitcoin Group’s IPO Back on Track

SEP 07, 2015

SEP 7 DIGEST: Ashley Madison Bitcoin Blackmail Reaps Profits; Final Silk Road BTC Auction Likely for 2015

SEP 04, 2015

SEP 4 DIGEST: CoinWallet Conducts 'Stress Pre-test’; Hollywood Agency to Adapt MtGox Story

SEP 03, 2015

SEP 3 DIGEST: Proposed California Bitcoin Bill Adds New Reporting Requirements and Coinbase Expands to Singapore

SEP 02, 2015

SEP 2 DIGEST: Bitcoin Devs Pen Open Letter to Community; UK Gov’t Explores Blockchain for Recordkeeping

SEP 01, 2015

SEP 1 DIGEST: Silk Road Investigator Pleads Guilty to Bitcoin Theft; Goldman Sachs Analyst Says Blockchain Will Change Asset Ownership

AUG 31, 2015

AUG 31 DIGEST: Barclays to Enable Charitable Bitcoin Donations; Coinbase Expands to Canada

AUG 28, 2015

AUG 28 DIGEST: Major Mining Pools Support BIP100; Tree Signatures Proposed by Blockstream's Pieter Wuille

AUG 26, 2015

AUG 26 DIGEST: Big Mining Pools Oppose Bitcoin XT Fork; Tor Vulnerability Suspends BTC Black Market Operations

AUG 25, 2015

AUG 25 DIGEST: 8 Leading Bitcoin Companies Pledge Support for BIP101; Bitcoin Exchange Rate Falls Below $200

AUG 24, 2015

AUG 24 DIGEST: Stanford Offers Bitcoin Course; Glidera Launches Non-Custodial Bitcoin Buying Service for Wallets

AUG 21, 2015

AUG 21 DIGEST: Mark Karpeles Re-Arrested in Japan; World Wide Web Consortium to Launch Web Payments Working Group

AUG 19, 2015

AUG 19 DIGEST: First Bitcoin Block in Support of Bitcoin XT Mined; BTC Price Plunges Over 13% to 2-Month Low

AUG 17, 2015

AUG 17 DIGEST: Bitcoin XT Released, Reddit Mods Accused of Censorship, and Dark Web Markets Processed more Bitcoin than BitPay in 2014