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Daniel is a truth seeker who happens to be amazed by the power of two things: the blockchain technology and a word fixed at the right place in a sentence!

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Safaricom, the mobile network operator behind M-Pesa has released an Application Programming Interface (API) for all developers who want to create solutions tie...
M-Pesa’s API to Ease Integration with Other FinTech Platforms
Daniel O. Nyairo
California is working to stop businesses from moving out of the state in its version of the BitLicense; Patrick Byrne signs US$30M deal to bridge the gap betwee...
AUG 27 DIGEST: Patrick Byrne Brings Bitcoin Tech to Wall St. with $30M Deal; California Seeks to Avoid a Repeat BitLicense Exodus
Daniel O. Nyairo
Bank of England has described digital currencies as ‘harder money’ than a gold standard; Nigeria’s Central Bank is calling for bitcoin regulation and more top s...
AUG 20 DIGEST: Bank of England Says Digital Currency is ‘Harder Money’ than Gold; Nigeria’s Bank Calls for Bitcoin Regulation
Daniel O. Nyairo
Cointelegraph spoke with Stuart Hoegner, the editor of the book titled “The Law Of Bitcoin” on his experience in being part of the team behind the project as we...
‘Innovation is Like Toothpaste: It Can’t be Put Back in the Tube’
Daniel O. Nyairo
Windows 10 could be a threat to Bitcoin users’ privacy; Genesis Mining leaves New York over BitLicense; Envestnet acquires Yodlee for US$590 million and more ne...
AUG 13 DIGEST: Windows 10 a Threat to Bitcoin Privacy; Genesis Mining Joins Companies Leaving NY
Daniel O. Nyairo
Considering the varying patchwork of today’s global regulatory landscape regarding cryptocurrency, Bitcoin’s greatest ally will not be a judge but technological...
Bitcoin Will Succeed via Innovation, Not Laws (Op-Ed)
Daniel O. Nyairo
Rick Perry says Bitcoin needs “regulatory breathing room”; George Gilder calls Bitcoin “the Gold of the Internet” and more news.
JUL 30 DIGEST: Rick Perry Wants to Give Bitcoin ‘Regulatory Breathing Room’; Bitcoin Shop Rebrands
Daniel O. Nyairo
Mike Hearn says the new XT version will include a “bigger blocksize only” branch; Factom raises US$1.1 million in crowdsale; Australian Securities regulator blo...
JUL 23 DIGEST: New XT Version Will Include ‘Bigger Block Size Only’ Branch; Factom Raises $1.1 Million
Daniel O. Nyairo

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