Nick Bakursky

Nick Bakursky is a journalist based in Warsaw, Poland. He has years of experience in writing for a number of print and digital platforms, ranging from technology to investments and of course, blockchain.

OCT 06, 2018

New Taiwanese Exchange Rewards Users for Token Mining and Staking From Its Fee Revenue

SEP 21, 2018

Crypto Payment Gateway Supports Largest Global Meditation, Waives Fees for Users Who Help

SEP 11, 2018

Startup Promising Instant Crypto Transactions to Develop Network for Chinese TV

SEP 07, 2018

Lenovo Partners With Blockchain Platform to Develop Its IoT and AR/VR Hybrid Software

SEP 03, 2018

Startup to Solve Traceability Issues in Seafood Industry Via Blockchain

JUL 31, 2018

Audit Firm to Build a Bug Prediction Market for Smart Contracts

JUL 07, 2018

Crypto Trading Platform Releases an Arbitrage Trading Soft for Beginners

JUN 07, 2018

Crypto Trading Platform Implements Automated Bots for Major Crypto Exchanges

JUN 05, 2018

Volkswagen to Partner Blockchain-based Startup for Developing Automotive Applications

JUN 01, 2018

Blockchain Media Company Acquires the Beyond Bitcoin Documentary at Cannes Film Festival

MAY 21, 2018

Roger Ver and Mate Tokay from Join a New Fintech Startup Advisory Board

MAY 14, 2018

Large Global Payments Processor Unveils Airdropping Campaign Among Users

APR 18, 2018

Startup To Solve Major Problems of Gig Economy By Building A Decentralized Network

APR 05, 2018

Startup Aims To Reduce Air Accidents By Creating Flight Log Records On Blockchain

MAR 20, 2018

Crypto Exchange Lists the Blockchain Startup Protecting Autonomous Cars