Blockchain Making Private, Censorship-free Social Media Platforms Possible

AUG 23, 2017 | by Jon Buck

Blockchain technology may present the perfect solution for the woes facing the social media industry.

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The Strange Story of Tether, the Digital Money That Claims it Isn’t Money

AUG 17, 2017 | by David Dinkins

Tether has issued $319 mln worth of tokens that it claims aren’t actually redeemable for money, and new allegations of market manipulation have been raised.

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Governments Eye Blockchain in Their Creation of National Identity Systems

OCT 06, 2017 | by Joshua Althauser

US and Singapore are looking into adopting Blockchain technology in more secured national identity systems.

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Bitcoin Price Might Exceed $1 Million, More Millionaires in World Than Bitcoins

AUG 24, 2017 | by David Dinkins

Bitcoin to $1 million? Bitcoin is so scarce that there aren’t enough for every millionaire in the world to own one.

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From the Internet to Crypto - How the World’s Richest Have Sized Things Up

6 HOURS AGO | by Gareth Jenkinson

Four of the world’s richest and most influential individuals have some interesting takes on Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

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Volatility: The Necessary Evil Of Cryptocurrency And How To Handle It

20 HOURS AGO | by Darryn Pollock

While crypto’s famed volatility can be terrifying for investors, it is something that needs to be weathered.

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Casper: What Will the Upgrade Bring to the Ethereum’s Network?

MAY 16, 2018 | by Julia Magas

New friendly protocol to solve the problems of scalability and high transactions costs in Ethereum network. The upgrade means more decentralization, functionali...

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Nvidia Reports First Quarter Crypto Sales, Expects Two-Thirds Drop In Second Quarter

MAY 11, 2018 | by Helen Partz

Nvidia shared its crypto sales data for the first time, which made up 9 percent of overall revenue in the first quarter.

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Banks and Cryptocurrencies Global Evaluation: Africa

MAY 10, 2018 | by Christina Georgacopoulos

Bitcoin and blockchain tech are ripe for mainstream adoption in Africa, where the population is well positioned to embrace the innovative technologies.

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New Head Of South Korean Financial Regulator Notes ‘Positive Aspects’ Of Crypto

MAY 06, 2018 | by Molly Jane Zuckerman

The newly appointed head of one of South Korea’s financial regulators said in a press conference today that there are “a lot of issues” with current crypto regu...

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Wall Street-Turned-Crypto Exec Novogratz Says ‘Enough Already’ To BCH-Promoting Tweet

MAY 06, 2018 | by Maxwell William

Ex-hedge fund manager Mike Novogratz weighs in on the BTC/BCH debate, making it clear he thinks BTC is the true Bitcoin.

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Japan's Financial Watchdog Sets Out New Requirements For Crypto Exchanges

MAY 06, 2018 | by Marie Huillet

Japan’s financial regulator, the FSA, has laid out a five-point framework with tougher measures for the country’s crypto exchanges, according to local reports.

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Warren Buffett, Charlie Munger Slam Bitcoin Again, Resort To Elementary School Insults

MAY 06, 2018 | by Helen Partz

The executives of Berkshire Hathaway have once again slammed Bitcoin on the company’s annual meeting.

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Pro-BTC Wall St Analyst Urges Not To Buy Crypto Now, Despite Recent Rally

MAY 05, 2018 | by Marie Huillet

The first Wall Street brokerage analyst to cover BTC extensively has urged investors to think twice before entering the crypto market, despite recent rallies.

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Former US Federal Reserve Governor Says Federal Digital Currency Deserves Consideration

MAY 05, 2018 | by Ana Alexandre

Former Fed governor claims that central banks should treat digital currencies as more than a novelty, and creation of ‘FedCoin’ deserves consideration.

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