21 Million

Jun 12, 2017
Jun 28, 2017

Crypto funded Indy Film production to make a TV series about Bitcoin Revolution called 21Million. Sitting on the public Ethereum network 21Million is an open, fair, gender equal production that allows fans to become investors. Where investors can have a say in the developing the story and where each holder of a  21MCoin has a contractual entitlement to receive income for Royalties for sale of TV series content.

Project Team
Nick Ayton
Co founder, CEO (part time CTO)
David Lofts
Co Founder and Chief Marketing and Creative Officer
Raiomond Mirza
COO and Lead Producer

21MCoin held in 2 of 3 Multi-sig Escrow. Myself Nick Ayton, TokenMarket CTO and Ramparts Law firm.

Tokens distribution

75,000,000 &%Million tokens in total. 50% at crowdsale 37,500,000, 29% tokens for cast, crew and bounty program. 20% retained by management.



Pre ICO starts 1st June until midnight 10th June.  40% bonus/discount minimum pre ICO amount 50ETH

Early bird ranges: 0 - $2m 25%; $2m - $4m 10%; $4m to $6m 5%; $6m $1.00 = 1*21MCoin.