Mar 27, 2017
Jun 27, 2017

The key function of a decentralized cryptocurrencies exchange is cryptocurrencies and assets are not held by any third party. They are directly transferred from one owner to another in a P2P model. NVO decentralized exchange is operated through two components. The first one is a multi-cryptocurrencies open source wallet. All keys are created locally on user’s device and never sent to any server.


Project Team
Yanni Bragui
Lead Developer and CTO
Ton Bi
CEO and Founder
Token sales

Token supply: 15 million
For Sale: 15 million
Emission rate: No new coins created
First price: Defined by the total amount raised

Tokens distribution

From July 1st to July 7th 2017


Escrow: Multiple sources


Endorsed by MaidSafe and CoinPayments

Accepted currencies