Mar 09, 2018
Apr 06, 2018

Coinvest is a decentralized stock exchange that allows users to invest in an array of cryptocurrencies in a very simple manner. When a user wants to make a trade, the Coinvest Token ("COIN") is sent to the contract along with a list of the cryptonized assets the user would like to invest in. The amounts and prices of purchased assets are recorded in USD and when a user would like to liquidate their holdings, they follow the same process of selling a certain amount of chosen assets and their address is returned COIN in the USD value of the profits earned. This will all be handled through the easy-to-use Coinvest frontend so now anyone can invest in cryptocurrencies. 

Project Team
Damon Nam
Founder & Executive Director
Byron Levels
Technology Director
Taylor Rieckens
Business Development Director
Ramiro Galan
Creative Director
Umar Irshad
User Experience & Interface Director
Kevin Huynh
Analytics & Operations Director
Mark Ayad
Finance Director
Kim Huynh
Marketing Director
Dexaran Derat
Blockchain Engineer
Robert Forester
Blockchain Engineer
Alexander Kravchenko
Elena Troyanskaya
Dmitriy Golovchenko
Pete Cashmore
Tony Scott
Token generation cap

75,000,000 COIN

Tokens exchange

1000 COIN = 1 ETH

Token distribution

5% Whitelist & Pre-ICO 
45% ICO
25% Reserve
10% Ecosystem Development
15% Employee & Advisor


Pre-ICO: 25%

Expect to raise

Pre-ICO: 3,000,000
Hard cap: 30,000,000