Nov 02, 2017
Nov 22, 2017

Confideal, a service that allows you to create smart contracts with no coding skills as well as solve disputes with in-built arbitration module.

Project Team
Petr Belousov
Andrei Baibaratsky
Product Development, Software Development and Technologies
Egor Khromov
Software Development and Technologies
Philipp Khomenok
Community Relations, Marketing
Alexey Semionov
Product Development, Marketing
Maxim Uperyaka
Strategy Development, ICO Promotion
Helen Sambur
Coordination, Operations Supervision
Vitaliy Oleksyuk
Community Management, Content Production
Hordiy Malkovych
Media Relations and Communications
Iskander Ishmukhambetov
Project Management
Vakhtanh Bolkvadze
Customer and Investor Relations
Igor Dymarskiy
Design Development and Branding
Lomakina Ksenia
PR&Events Management
Reuben Godfrey
Co-founder the Blockchain Association of Ireland
Alexander Rugaev
CEO of
George Basiladze
Co-Founder in Cryptopay
Alexey Soloviev
General Director QIWI Blockchain Technologies
Anton Sazansky
Vice President,
Vladimir Efremov
Partner, Trendlaw
Petr Bel
Founder and managing partner Byzantium ICO Agency
Julian Zegelman
Managing Partner Velton Zegelman
Johan Lek
Managing Partner Dana Aria consulting
Ludmila Kharitonova
Managing Partner of “Zartsyn, Yankovsky and partners”
Token generation cap

100,000,000 CDL

Token distribution

74% ICO 
10% Team 
6% Pre-ICO 
4% Promo Activities
4% Advisors
2% Bounty Campaign 

Tokens exchange

1000 CDL = 1 ETH


0 - 5% : 25%
6 - 26% : 12%
27 - 42% : 8%
43 - 56% : 5%
57 - 69% : 3%

Differences from competitors
Artbitration system; ecosystem; CDL token exchange system