Oct 24, 2017
Nov 23, 2017

Flixxo is a distributed and incentivized peer-to-peer network, where every user turns himself into a content distributor.

Flixxo offers a decentralized alternative to YouTube that puts power back into the hands of content creators. This is done by how the platform's tokens, called Flixx, are used. Content creators upload a video to the peer-to-peer Flixxo network, and they decide how much Flixx it will cost for a user to watch their video.

Instead of an expensive centralized server, the content is distributed and shared through the network using Bittorrent protocol. Have you ever used Popcorn Time? This works in the same way.

Project Team
Adrián Garelik
Co-Founder at RSK Labs, developing solutions for OTT, film producer
Pablo Carbajo
Creator of Riecoin
Federico Abad
Creator of PopCorn Time
Javier D ́Ovidio
Co-Founder and VP of Operations at EDRANS AI and Big Data
Olha Rymar
Head of Marketing and Communications
Sebastián Wain
Rodrigo Saiegh
Executive producer FAV! Media
Michael Terpin
Dominic Zynis
Legal Advisor Gibraltar Law
Token generation cap

1,000,000,000 FLIXX

Token distribution

30% ICO
10% Team and partners
10% Advisors, bounty and future partnerships with authors
50%  For users and contributors to join the platform

Tokens exchange

1 FLIXX = 0,00025 ETH


First 24 hours: 30%
Day 2 to 7: 25%
Day 7 to 14: 20%
Day 14 to 21: 15%
Day 21 to 30: 10%