Nov 09, 2017
Nov 24, 2017

Starbase is blockchain token based crowdfunding/crowdsourcing platform. By using Starbase, you can issue new tokens on "Internet of Value"​, blockchain. And you can sell your issued tokens for fundraise or pay it to co-workers as shared incentive as radically rapidly, cheaply, and globally way.

Project Team
Gustavo Guimaraes
Full-Stack Engineer
Tomoaki Sato
Founder & Blockchain engineer
Yu Yamanaka
Ernane Luis
Front-end Engineer
Eric Gu
Founder of Viewfin
Darvin Kurniawan
Founder of REIDAO
Chandler Guo
Angel investor
Dominic Williams
Chief Scientist @ DFINITY Stiftung and President/CTO @ String Labs
Hideyuki Takeuchi
Technology advisor, CTO at Uzabase Inc.
Tokens distribution

Total STAR tokens supply is 1 Billion. STAR is inflationary token: maximum inflation rate is 0.00685% daily, roughly about 2.5% annually:

All revenue of Starbase platform goes to STAR token holders.
And initial STAR supply is,
125M - for crowdsale
12.5M - for public marketing campaign such as paying for twitter, facebook, bitcointalk, mail magazine contributors
50M - for early purchasers bonus
62.5M - for founders & developers & legal teams & marketers & early contributors
750M - Starbase company and future crowdsale

The token amount becomes 1/4 for the legal reason, but the reward for STAR holders become 4 times, because previously the STAR token will receive 25% of Starbase platform revenue, but now 100% of Starbase revenue.

  • 1st ~ 7th day: 20 % bonus 
  • 8th ~ 21th day: 15% bonus 
  • 22th ~ 35th day: 10% bonus
  • 36th ~ 42th day: 5% bonus 
  • 43th ~ 45th day: 0 % bonus