Aug 17, 2017
Aug 18, 2017

Decentraland is an open-source initiative to build a virtual reality world. It uses blockchain technology to claim and transfer virtual land, keeping a permanent record of ownership.

Project Team
Manuel Araoz
Founder and advisor
Yemel Jardi
Founder and advisor
Esteban Ordano
Core developer
Dario Sneidermanis
Core developer
Demian Brener
Ariel Meilich
Business development
Martín Triay
Web developer
Mariano Rodríguez
Designer & illustrator
Manuel Araoz
CTO at Zeppelin Solutions
Xiaolai Li
INBlockchain founder
Jake Brukhman
Founder at CoinFund
Luis Cuende
Project Lead at Aragon
Diego Doval
ex CTO at Ning
Yemel Jardi
CEO at Ryfter
Tokens generation

$20 Milllion Hard cap

Tokens exchange

Initial price $24 USD per 1,000 MANA

Tokens exchange

1000 MANA = 1 LAND

Tokens distribution

40%: Crowdsale
20%: Community and partners
20%: Team and early contributors
20%: Foundation