Jun 20, 2018
Jul 09, 2018

Elysian is an innovative new decentralized platform that will use the Ethereum blockchain to secure customer data, facilitate Ecommerce transactions, and drastically change user experience. The integration of smart contracts and blockchain technology will ultimately provide a higher level of security in the realm of Ecommerce. The interoperability of the platform will serve as the basis for future scalability and sustainable growth.

The implementation of Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality into the Ecommerce industry will provide efficient website navigation, revolutionary product visualization, and unparalleled consumer convenience.

The integration of the Elysian token into the platform as a method of access to transactions provides entry into our ecosystem. Consumers will be incentivized to become incorporated into the Elysian community and play a vital role in the growth of the company.

Project Team
Leo Ameri
CEO & Founder
Jesse Brandenburg
Ioan Hategan
Levon Tikoyan
CTO / Lead Developer
KJ Magill
Roelof Gootjes
Head of Strategic Partnerships
Ihor Pidruchny
Blockchain Engineer
Nadine Dominik
Corporate Secretary
Tyler Sanford
Marketing Consultant
Tammy Saint-Wynters
David Blumsack
Community Manager
Lucy Vardanyan
Senior UI/UX Designer
John Van der Vos
Financial Advisor
Stuart Farmer
Technical Advisor
Geoffrey McCabe
Business Advisor
Scott Douglas
Business Strategy Advisor
Timothy Lee
Strategic Advisor
Troy Linforth
Security Advisor
Sadie Hutton
TGE Advisor
Graham Doggart
FinTech Advisor
Jonathan Lane
Strategic Advisor
Token generation cap

1,000,000,000 ELY

Token distribution

Growth Pool 35%

Reserve 30%

Team 10%

Private Sale 4%

Pre-TGE 4%

TGE 15%

Bounty 1%

Referral 1%

Tokens exchange

Pre-TGE: 1 ELY = 0.06 USD

TGE: 1 ELY = 0.12 USD


TGE phase 1 - 33% discount on TGE price

TGE phase 2 - 16.67% discount on TGE price

TGE phase 3 -  TGE price

Expect to raise

Soft cap: 3,000,000 USD

Hard cap: 19,000,000 USD