Jun 07, 2018
Jul 07, 2018

Xriba is the new standard for financial integrity, promoting continuity and accountability utilizing blockchain technology. Xriba is an open universal protocol that records financial transactions within the blockchain and allows for third-party application development. Xriba also offers a smartphone application, two bookkeeping applications catering to both the traditional and cryptocurrency business worlds, and a fiat to cryptocurrency payment gateway for business transactions. Xriba firmly believes in promoting financial transparency and accountability, in doing so Xriba has also become a founding member of the TokenCheck Foundation.

Project Team
Clarissa Saccenti
Jackie Liew
Asian Market Developer
Raffaello Borrelli
Digital Marketing Specialist
Glynis Xie
Community Manager
Joel Sim
Community Manager
Daniel Bosa
Community Manager
Simone Truglia
Community Manager
Giuseppe Marco Borraccino
Community Manager
Gianluca Massini Rosati
Andrea Agnoli
Federico Pacilli
Antonio Di Casoli
Quantitative Trader Specialist
Claudio Tesoriero
Blockchain Developer
Andrea Tortorella
Senior Developer
Federico Viganò
Niada Argolini
PR & Media Relations
Fabio Cannavale
Ian Morley
Stefano Tresca
Lorenzo Ait
Davide Baldi
Lee Hills
Roy Reale
Gabriele Marazzi
Behrang Khorsandian
Jeff Ward
Luciano Quarta
Naeem Aslam
Joon Jeong
Token generation cap


Token distribution

Founder Investment 3%

Private Sale 22%

Strategic Investor 5%

Presale 18%

Public Token Sale 4%

Airdrop 7%

Company Reserve 14%

Marketing 11%

Advisors 11%

Team 5%

Tokens exchange

1 XRA = 0.30 USD

Expect to raise

Soft cap: 10,000,000 USD
Hard cap: 19,465,500 USD