May 05, 2017
Jun 02, 2017

Embermine is a smart contract platform designed to empower users in all of their projects by guaranteeing proper revenue and royalty share between all collaborators.

Project Team
James Drake
Garrison Breckenridge
Amanda Brett
Public Relations Director
Kristi Young
Application Development Manager
Colby Rodeheaver
Lead Application Developer
Jesse Meyer
Lead UI/UX Developer
Daniel Blaker
Community Manager
James Drake
Aaron Vo
Implementation Manager
Joshua Redwine
Creative Arts Director
Joey Gentzler
Creative Arts Manager
Tokens distribution

Cap: 100,000,000 EMB tokens

1000 EMB = 1 ETH

- 85% for Crowdsale purchasers

- 6% for Embermine founders, employees, advisors and early supporters distributed to a time locked vault that prohibits EMB transfers for 180 days

- 5% for marketing and promotion distributed to the Embermine multisig wallet

- 4% for bug bounty program distributed to the Embermine multisig wallet

Expected to raise

Minimum ETH threshold: 5,000 ETH


Day 1 Bonus 10%: 1100 EMB per ETH

Pre-Order ICO Bonus 20%: 1200 EMB per ETH


Escrow services provided by Coinfirm.Io in a multi-sig wallet with Mikko Ohtamma of TokenMarket and James Drake of Embermine, Inc.