Apr 25, 2017
May 31, 2017

Exscudo is a new gateway between the traditional financial system and the crypto currency market. Exscudo creates a new financial ecosystem. The main goal is to create a single gateway for the crypto currency market for new users, professional traders, investors and financial institutions. Ecosystem Exscudo consists of various products and services.

The Exscudo ecosystem consists of a number of products and services. Among them are: Exscudo Exchange, Exscudo Wallet, Charts, Trading terminals, Exscudo debit cards, Exscudo merchant platform, Channels protected messenger.

Project Team
Andrew Zimine
CEO, founder
Alex Sitnikov
CTO, founder
Tokens distribution


1 EON = 0.0002 BTC

Total token supply: 240 000 000 EON 

Tokens for sale: 150 720 000 EON

Crowdsale token supply: 62.8%

Bounty campaign: 1%

EXSCUDO team: 12%

Advisors: 1%

Supervisory board: 3%

Technical tokens for stabilization of distributed network at the early stage: 20%

Testing and bug bounty: 0.2%



10% - for those who pre-order coins and buy them out in te first 48h of the ICO

5% - for the first 10 days of ICO

2,5% - for the second 10 days of ICO

If the maximum amount of tokens isn't sold, 50% of the rest are distributed proportionally between all ICO participants and other 50% are allocated in a non-commercial fund for scientific research and development of our blockchain technology and Exscudo security system.