Apr 16, 2018
Sep 01, 2018

Leading Online Broker ExpertOption introduces the EO ecosystem to bridge the gap between the multi trillion online trading industry and the fastest growing technology in today’s world: blockchain.

Following the success of the ExpertOption platform and brand we are now creating an Ecosystem around both crypto and fiat trading which will act as a one-stop-shop to buy, store, sell, exchange and trade on fiat and crypto currencies. The ecosystem will be fueled by the EO coin, built on the Ethereum network and designed for four platforms. The coin will have real-life value and offer its holders benefits on EO.Trade crypto exchange, EO.Finance wallet, the ExpertOption trading platform and EO.News portal.

Project Team
Ivan Opriya
Chief executive officer
Ivan Dashkevich
Chief technical officer
Vladimir Arsenev
Chief marketing officer
Dmitrij Nikitin
Head of customer care
Dmitry Ochkas
Chief HR officer
Token generation cap

1,000,000,000 EO

Token distribution

70% Crowdsale
20% Company
5% Bounty
5% Team

Tokens exchange

1 EO = $0.20


Early bird bonus up to 50%

Expect to raise

Soft cap $10,000,000
Hard cap $100,000,000

Differences from competitors
  • ExpertOption is a world-known leading online broker with 7.5+ million clients.
  • We are introducing an ecosystem of 4 new products all of which will be powered by EO coin.
  • We will build faster, stronger and better crypto exchange EO.Trade. With great mobile application, fast KYC and fast withdrawals. It will have both fiat and crypto currencies available.
  • EO.Finance is going to be an innovative wallet which will be used for buying, storing, exchanging and transferring both crypto and fiat currencies. At the beginning the wallet will host 20 cryptos and a large number of fiat currencies. EO.Finance will be a financial hub where anyone can fully manage all their digital and fiat currencies.