Jun 01, 2018
Sep 01, 2018

GPCC's mission is to protect and popularize digital art. Authors of graphic artworks are given an opportunity to self-actualize by earning money for the results of their work, and to feel protected. Using modern technologies, the team is making the work more open, safe and profitable for everyone.

GPCC offers a system of copyright protection on blockchain, which will allow doing this. With this platform, you will be able to verify the copyright for the graphic work. Blockchain allows you to keep a certificate of your copyright among all network members, and it will be impossible to replace this data. To eliminate the possibility of downloading the same graphic artworks, a neural network that will search for copies and analogues on the Internet will be developed. The platform will monitor the authors' copyright use and promptly notify them in case of an unauthorized use. On the platform, you will be able to sell the use rights through our marketplace of graphic artworks On the platform, you will be able to organize a crowdfunding campaign to raise funds for creating a graphic artwork

Project Team
Demidov Roman
Vlasyuk Sergey
Victor Banachin
Elizaveta Osiptsova
Anna Markitan
Commercial law expert
Denis Baklanov
Copyright expert
Kraskova Valeria
Token generation cap

200,000,000 GPCCT

Token distribution

83% ICO
10% Team
5% Pre-ICO
2% Bounty

Tokens exchange

1 GPCC = $0,1

Expect to raise

Pre-ICO: $700,000 
ICO: $13,280,000


Pre-ICO: 30%

ICO: 20%