Sep 18, 2017
Oct 20, 2017

Gimli is a decentralized, interactive platform for video game streamers and viewers. On Gimli, viewers can place bets on game outcomes and challenges created by the streamer they are watching. They can participate in polls, gain social status, vote, tip, and contribute to streamers crowdfunding campaigns using Gimli’s versatile digital token GIM.

In a market where more than 500 Million viewers tune in each month to watch eSport tournaments worldwide, Gimli allows streamers to create transparent and trustless real time betting that does not depend on a third party acting as a bookmaker. Gimli will follow all rules, laws and regulations of each jurisdiction where it operates, and will obtain licenses where necessary. 

Project Team
David Waugh
Dan Biton
Julien Charrel
Tom St Laurent
Olivier Azan
Joseph Fiscella
Mikael Bertheau
Hadrien Noci
Sahil Sachev
Antoine “Dayshi” Stievenart
Aymeric "Aypierre" Pierre
Slama Ouziel
Consultant Blockchain et Cryptocurrency
Greg Wolfson
Head of Business Development at The Element Group
Cristina Dolan
Co-Founder at InsureX Technologies
Elie Galam
CIO at quantitative hedge fund - Crypto Investor
Julien Romanetto
Blockchain enthusiast , Crypto Currency and ICO expert COO at Secret Media Inc.
Tokens exchange

1 ETH = 700 GIM

Tokens generation cap

150,000,000 GIM

Tokens distribution

80 mln sold to the general public during the token launch
10 mln sold to eSports professionals 20
10 mln kept in the Gimli reserve pool for sale through the Gimli App and website
20 mln granted to advisors, streamers and professional gamers, kept in a multisigned wallet
30 mln granted to Gimli founders, team and employees.