Oct 30, 2017
Nov 30, 2017

LockChain is the first decentralized marketplace for hotels and vacation rentals with 0% commissions for both - clients and hotels. This generates a cut of up to 25% in end prices because current online trave agents (OTAs) charge a 20-25 % commission from the property owners. The team believes that by creating a new supply in the accommodation industry and providing a high value service with no middlemen, clients will immediately see the benefits of using LockChain.co and will be able to book for hotels in LOC as well as in standard payment means. In addition to the decentralized LOC engine, we will launch the first application which will be the LockChain.co marketplace. It will have a lot of added value features which will provide a user friendly service that would be extremely competitive and as a result would penetrate a $500 Billion industry.

Project Team
Nikola Alexandrov
Co-Founder & CEO
Hristo Tenchev
Co-Founder & COO
Prerit Srivastava
Nevena Petrova
Head of Business Development
Krassy Kalcheva
Prerit Srivastava
Jon Abrams
Canada Operations
Richard Gibney
Copywriting & PR
Tanko Geritliev
Senior Developer
Marco Calicchia
Community Manager
Stoyan Angelov
Community Manager
Rosen Plevneliev
Chief Advisor
Eva Maydell
Legal Advisor
Svetlin Nakov
Tech Advisor
Nikola Stojanow
Georgy Matev
Legal Advisor
Token generation cap

155,000,000 LOC

Token distribution

50% ICO
25% Team (Founders, Team, Advisors, Bounty, Early Backers)
25% Reserve

Tokens exchange

750 LOC = 1 ETH

Pre-Sale - 25% discount
Differences from competitors
The only project in the accommodation sector and the only bookings engine which will be open source and free to use. By providing this technology, LockCain will cut hotel prices with up to -25%. Users will be able to spend their LOC tokens for properties that are listed on the growing marketplace. Team plans to have 7000+ properties by the end of the year.