Oct 15, 2017
Nov 30, 2017

TripAlly Internet service allows travelers to use cheap unlimited mobile internet from their smartphones without changing SIM-card in any country in the world. TripAlly Exchange service provides convenient, easy to use local currency exchange with low commission and without any queues. More additional services for travelers also available.

Project Team
Aleksey Gordienko
CEO & Co-Founder
Sergey Gordeev
Director of Business Development & Co-Founder
Sergey Zubkov
CTO & Co-Founder
Alexey Kuzmin
Milos Surla
General Tanongsak Chindalatta
Honorable Advisor
Michael I. Waitze
Head of Advisory Board
Alex Xu
Crypto currency Advisor
Dave Rodman
Legal Advisor
Grahame Lynch
Press Advisor
Token generation cap

100,000,000 ALLY

Token distribution

72% Public purchase during Pre-ICO and ICO and free market circulation
1.5% Advisors
1.5% Partners
20% Allocation to TripAlly Owners and Team options
2% Bounty and Referral Program during Pre-ICO and ICO
3% Reserved and used later for product advertising and promotion

Tokens exchange

Pre-ICO: 0,002 ETH = 1 ALLY.
ICO: 40% discount during the first 72 hours (days 1-3), 1 ALLY = 0,003 ETH
27,28% discount during the next 7 days (days 4-10), 1 ALLY = 0,003636 ETH
20% discount during the next 7 days (days 11-17), 1 ALLY = 0,004 ETH
11,11% discount during the next 7 days (days 18-24), 1 ALLY = 0,004444 ETH
No discounts for the rest of the ICO days (days 25-34)
Until the ICO End Date, 1 ALLY = 0,005 ETH