Sep 01, 2018
Sep 30, 2018

Mira is an easy and convenient way to buy, store and send cryptocurrency. The team wants to make this process so simple that even the most inexperienced user starts using it in a few minutes.

The key element of the service is MiraBox - an encrypted container that store tokens or files. Now any user can buy and save cryptocurrency, it will become as simple as downloading and sending a file. Never before has the use of cryptocurrency been so easy.

To buy a cryptocurrency, the user visits the website or opens the Mira application, selects the necessary cryptocurrency, pays and downloads the encrypted file containing the wallet address (one or several, where the funds will be stored) and private key from it. Together with the file, the buyer receives its password.

Any user can upload this file to Mira and discover what's inside. But they need a password to open it. So the service will always know whether MiraBox was opened or not. Such files can be easily exchanged as if they were ordinary bills, but that's not all.

Project Team
Dmitriy Baday
Nikita Novozhilov
Ernest Shekolian
Eugene Babichenko
Chief DApp Engineer at 482.solutions
Andrey Skriptsov
Nadia Shcherba
Business developer
Vitaliy Manshin
Taras Emelyanenko
System and DApp Architect
Misha No
Art Director
Good Boy
Eugene Radchenko
Blockchain Technical Advisor
Alexander Ivanov
Blockchain Advisor
Token generation cap

30,770,000 MIRA
For ICO: 24,000,000 MIRA

Token distribution

78% Investors
15% Team and advisors
6% Reserve fund
1% Bounty

Tokens exchange

1 MIRA = 1$


3,300,000 tokens / 1 MIRA = $0,6
4,500,000 tokens / 1 MIRA = $0,7
4,500,000 tokens / 1 MIRA = $0,8
4,500,000 tokens / 1 MIRA = $0,9
7,200,000 tokens / 1 MIRA = $1,0

Differences from competitors

"Secure tokens storage: on a computer, a flash drive or a user cloud
Transfers cryptocurrency: outside of the blockchain Hiding the contents
The encrypted file is anonymous - only the creator knows what’s inside
Availability of special conditions for opening: for example, not before the onset of a certain date, or if the rate of bitcoin is greater than certain values
Unpack with confirmation: via email, telegram or sms"

Expected to raise