Sep 01, 2018
Sep 30, 2018

At NextPakk, we’re “reinventing the logistics of life” and transforming last-mile logistics through a sharing economy built on blockchain. The beauty of this system is it’s frictionless, efficient, and transparent. Operating around a decentralized sharing economy cryptocurrency, Pakka, tokens will be used to exchange value on the platform while effectively and securely tracking packages and their chain of custody. Pakka blockchain will be the platform of choice for logistics business and related services in the last-mile.

NextPakk leverages Pakka platform to run its Last mile logistics business. NextPakk partners with local businesses to engage them as Package Delivery Points (PDPs), effectively utilizing unused space. NextPakk also partners with local drivers using theirown vehicles, who are willing to ship packages for a fee.
NextPakk charges a price from users / retailers to deliver packages to end users on the last mile leg and shares the fees on a 20 : 80 ratio to PDPs and local drivers, while taking a 15% margin or based on the fee negotiated during partnership on both the sides.

Project Team
Lowell Fortune
Sergey Tolkachev
Chief Algorithms Officer
P.B. Stanton
Chief Legal Officer
Chad Kielty
Chief Financial Officer
Ryan Donelon
Chief Marketing Officer
Deb Olson
Corporate Communication Officer
Dileep Kamujula
Technical Advisor
Josh Cotton
Larissa Folenyuk
Pankaj Gupta
Craig Lofstuen
Rick Tapia
Ramy Ramiez
Token generation cap

1,000,000,000 PAKKA

Token distribution

Bounty 3%
PDP Rewards 5%
Company Reserves 8%
Driver Rewards 8%
Advisors 8%
User Rewards / Airdrop 8%
Team 10%
Private Pre-Sale 8%
Pre-ICO 12%
ICO 30%

Tokens exchange

Private Token Sale: 1Pakka = $0.16 USD

Public Pre-ICO: 1Pakka = $0.24 USD

Public ICO: 1Pakka = $0.32 USD

Expect to raise

Soft cap: 3,200,000 USD
Hard cap: 32,000,000 USD