Feb 17, 2018
Mar 19, 2018

ODEM.IO is a secure blockchain-based global marketplace for buyers and sellers of short-term, on-site, premium educational courses. The platform is designed to improve student access to high-quality education by reducing costs through the elimination of inefficient intermediaries. For education buyers, ODEM.IO simplifies research and decision making by empowering students with full transparency of course options and ratings within a single ecosystem. For educators, the platform raises their marketing profile among students, generates real-time feedback on courses and pays incentives for development of popular courses.

Project Team
Richard Maaghul
Bill Bayrd
Michael Zargham
Chief Systems Engineer
Amit Garg
Gustavo Guimarães
Lead Ethereum and Smart Contract Architect
Kirsten Montgomery
Director of Finance and Resources
Ken Finch
Director of Global Sales
Asad Zaman
Director of Sales Pakistan
Bowen Gao
Sales - Emerging Market
Kris Yagel
Program Director and Designer
Steve Jarding
Ingo Fiedler
Sven Beiker
Token generation cap

396,969,697 ODEM

Token distribution

60% crowdsale
19% company
10% Team and Advisors
10% ODEM Rewards
1% Bounty

Tokens exchange

1 ODEM = €0.05
(set in ETH 24 hours before the ICO)

Differences from competitors

"ODEM is the only platform offering in-person, in-classroom educational experiences. Built of the success of Excelorators, ODEM is launching off of 5 years experience bringing top quality education across borders."

Expect to raise

€11,1 million