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Feb 28, 2018
Mar 19, 2018

Health Nexus is a Blockchain ecosystem, the fuel for value based care. Shattering healthcare silos and bridging providers across healthcare systems, Health Nexus propels healthcare infrastructure forward and, through the efficient and trustworthy ledger blockchain provides, empowering providers’ transition to value based care regardless of their clinical affiliation.

The team of experienced leaders in Blockchain and healthcare with a track record of success. Both futurists and realists, theyve thought deeply about where Blockchain can lead healthcare. 

Project Team
Katherine Kuzmeskas
Co-Founder & CEO
Lucas Hendren
Co-Founder & CTO
Jake Dreier
Director, Growth & Operations
David Akers
Senior Advanced Blockchain Engineer
David Korn
Business Development Strategist
Kenny Winn
Business Development Strategist
Lori Dollard
Business Development Strategist
Alex Bessonov
Blockchain Advisor CEO BitClave
Brian Levine
Blockchain Advisor, Founding Director of the UMass Amherst Cybersecurity Institute
Brian O'Connor
Healthcare Advisor, VP Enterprise Technology Evariant
Chadwick Strange
Blockchain Advisor, CoFounder and Principal, Ubby
Jesse Scharff
Healthcare Advisor, Director, Healthcare Advisory Board
John Halamka
Blockchain + Healthcare Advisor, CIO, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center; Blockchain Advisor: Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Vikram Dhillon
Blockchain + Healthcare Advisor, MD, MBA, PhD Candidate, University of Central Florida
Wayne Vaughan
Blockchain Advisor, CEO and CoFounder, Tierion
Token generation cap

200,000,000 HLTH

Token distribution

60% ICO
12,5% Team
10% Consultants
13% Stabilisation and partnership
4,5% Bounties


Pre-ICO: 40%
1 Tier: 20%
2 Tier: 10%