Oct 07, 2017
Nov 04, 2017

Open Money is the world’s first platform that bridges the gap between mainstream software and the blockchain. There’s no ecosystem to provide an easy means of monetization and distribution for developers who want to capitalize on the lucrative cryptocurrency consumer market, so the opportunity remains untapped.

Open Money will solve this by launching the OPEN Platform, an API infrastructure that allows any enterprise or consumer application to tie into the massive potential of blockchain and cryptocurrency. Comprised of industry vets in enterprise technical development, the Open Money team has a proven track record of achievement: architecting an incredibly popular mainstream app with 50 million+ downloads, scaling digital projects for major brands.

Open Money was conceived of as a solution to a real-world problem that members of the team had first-hand – how to leverage tech to open up their products to the massive blockchain and cryptocurrency market. The vision was twofold, to provide key elements for a new ecosystem to all mainstream software developers in an effort to accelerate blockchain adoption, and to build the tools developers would require to bridge their offerings into the cryptocurrency world. 

Project Team
Fiz Kassam
Andrew Leung
Ken Sangha
Roger Jin
Director of Strategy
Alvin Lau
Managing Director
Derek Waterman
Executive Director
Dennis H Lewis
Director of Marketing
Allison Kapps
Director of Design
Steven Zhang
Product Manager
Nina Krishnan
Product Design & Strategy
Vincent Vuong
Product Manager
John Gardiner
Finance & Partnership
Kunaal Arya
Developer Partnerships
Token generation cap

360,000,000 OPEN 

Token distribution

50% ICO
15% Team
3% Bounty