Mar 12, 2018
Mar 25, 2018

The key element of STREAMITY is StreamDesk DAPP STREAMDESK is a p2p platform for smart-contract cryptocurrency exchange. StreamDesk is a unique and fully automatic service with minimal commissions and fair market prices. Smart contracts will guarantee the perfect security and the transactions of traditional currency will be committed directly from user to user with the reception of the response from the payment system, which is used as a “signal” to unlock smart-contracts and close a deal. Advantages. StreamDesk is a mass service; connection of new users will create a strong demand for STM tokens. Moreover, the tokens will be openly traded on the main cryptocurrency exchange markets, and users will transform cryptocurrency into fiat money through StreamDesk service as it is much more profitable than using other means and services. This will ensure access of new users to our platform!

Project Team
Vladislav Kuznetsov
CEO, Founder
Dmitry Martianov
CTO, Co-Founder
Oles Sribny
Head of Investment
Maksim Smirnov
Software Engineer
Sergey Bevzenko
Back-end Developer
Egor Okhterov
Software Engineer
Pavel Bolgarskih
Blockchain Developer
Maxim Yarushin
Business Development Manager
Olga Prosalova
Marketing & Community
Daniil Lobov
Content Manager
Sergey Kolomiec
Online coach & Investment
Andrey Zolin
Blockchain Advisor
Sergey Bogatirev
SINGEXPERT (Singapore)
Aleksey Gaiduk
CEO, Founder Fortifier
Stephan De Haes
Promotional Advisor
Tokens generation cap

100,000,000 STM

Token distribution

70% - The participants of Token Sale
25% - Streamity team
3% - The rewards program
2% - The advisors and partners

Tokens exchange

1 STM = $0.2


30% - pre-ICO
15%-20% 1st stage of ICO
10% - 2nd Stage of ICO

Expect to raise

Soft cap: $500,000
Hard cap: $20,000,000

Differences from competitors

"Easy and comfortable service. Never has cryptocurrency to fiat money exchange been that easy and secure before. It is suitable for the beginners and experts. Large scale service with no limits. Global coverage and worldwide presence.
Save money on cryptocurrency purchase: cryptocurrency to fiat currency exchange is much more profitable compared to other exchange markets and services due to fixed rates, low commissions and the absence of hidden fees.
Cryptocurrency fixed rates: you can buy and sell cryptocurrency at a fixed price. Cryptocurrency rates are fixed to the major licensed cryptocurrency exchange markets.
Cryptocurrency purchaser security: seller's cryptocurrency is blocked within a smart contract. As the fiat money is transferred to the seller's account, a signal from the payment system opens the smart contract. Purchaser receives cryptocurrency.
Cryptocurrency seller security: if a purchaser does not transfer fiat money to the seller's account within a time limit, smart contract is opened and cryptocurrency is sent back to the seller's account.
Reliable technical support 24/7. Round-the-clock technical support for our customers."