There have been some quite interesting changes on the top 10 altcoins of CoinMarketCap in the third week of April. It has been so intense with some altcoins leaving the top echelons.

Litecoin pushes Dash back

The battle between Litecoin and Dash at the number four spot was so epic the two were displacing each other like a pendulum. For four occasions the two entities pushed each other to number five only for the other to fight back in a couple of hours to gain the fourth position again.

However, Litecoin, the silver of cryptocurrencies ended the wrangling with a stretch of more than $180 mln in Market Cap. Analysts are cocksure the sudden gains come from the prospects of its activating the Segregated Witness. Its market price of $10.71 at the end of the second week of April jumped to $13.49 on Sunday night.

In a roundtable conference on Friday, Litecoin’s stakeholders decided to launch a voting that very likely will activate SegWit. This prudent move has saved them the hostility that has befallen the pioneer crypto, Bitcoin and damaging the landscape terribly.

Monero and Ethereum Classic

CryptoCurrency Market Capitalizations

Ethereum Classic is on fire and made Monero a casualty. Actually, Monero lost the sixth ranking to Ether's younger brother briefly on Friday but gained it back in a short while. ETC was not done yet and on Sunday it came back strongly to take the position from Monero, the anon crypto.

Ethereum Classic really had a wonderful week last week compared to the second week of this month. As at the time of filing this report it was up by more than 23 percentage points. In fact, at the end of the second week, the market price was a meager $2.65 but at the moment it stands at $3.96.

Ethereum Classic's current form is encouraging putting a lot of smiles on the faces of its holders. Cointelegraph is monitoring keenly to see if the trend will be sustainable.

MaidSafeCoin and PIVX

PIVX came from nowhere to unseat MaidSafeCoin at the bottom of the top 10. Most parts of last week witnessed the fallout of Dash occupying the position and earning elite crypto status.

But the Scottish crypto as usual has shown resilience and came back to knock PIVX out on Thursday from the tenth spot. As at the time of going to press, PIVX was hovering around number 14 with a miserable fall of 19.41 percent. As to whether it can make it back to top 10 rankings, only 10 will tell.

But for now, Maidsafe has proved you cannot push it around. Last week was an interesting week for the crypto markets and Cointelegraph is observing the market eagerly to update you on new developments.