Not even Ethereum’s 3,000 percent 2017 price rise matched Amazon’s performance year-for-year from 1997-1999.

In a comparison today, Investopedia notes that Ethereum, the rise of which has taken an increasing chunk of the financial world by storm, still fails to compete with the 6,000 percent rise achieved by Amazon almost 20 years ago.


So too does Bitcoin, which since 2016 has posted 2,800 percent gains. Only from 2009-2010 did virtual currency stage some form of a win, in the form of a still-nascent Bitcoin increase of around 4,000 percent.

“Amazon rose more than 6,000% in its first two years after its public offering,” the publication reflects, noting nonetheless that “18 years later the peak price from back then looks cheap by comparison today.”

“Surprisingly, Bitcoin’s performance in its first two years only achieved two-thirds of Amazon’s original run-up,” it continues.

“The recent price appreciation of Bitcoin over the last two years and the price of Etherium (sic) since its initial coin offering have both made dramatic gains, but have yet to match Amazon’s meteoric rise.”

The global giant has, meanwhile, begun working with Blockchain startups, collaborating with Barry Silbert’s Digital Currency Group as a member of DCG Connect “dedicated to helping enterprises accelerate from blockchain exploration to production.”