Bitcoin mining pool F2pool has become the latest signatory to U-turn on its commitment to the controversial SegWit2x hard fork.

Following wallet provider Bitwala, F2pool’s Wang Chun said he “didn’t pull out of anything” and had only voiced support for the project “until July.”

The news marks another blow for Barry Silbert’s New York Agreement, which has faced trouble with consensus since its inception.

SegWit2x was originally due to become a hard fork of the Bitcoin network in November, creating a third ‘version’ of Bitcoin along with the already extant Bitcoin Cash.

SegWit2X Bitcoin

The issue has become a topic of hot debate in recent weeks. While Bitcoin (BTC) markets have shaken off uncertainty, commentator Oleg Andreev has conversely suggested the hard fork is a “FUD project” hampering Bitcoin prices.

“We would like to honor the agreement that we subscribed to (as one of the first movers, unbeknownst to the fact that most developers would not enter the agreement),” Bitwala had written in a blog post on SegWit2x late August.

  • SegWit activated for Bitcoin to modest celebration last month.

  • Meanwhile, prices for Litecoin have appeared to profit more noticeably than Bitcoin, with developers simultaneously pushing to fully implement Lightning Network functionality on the altcoin.

  • A curious forking project this week has added to the confusion. Known as Bitcoin GPU, the apparently hastily designed implementation uses the Bitcoin Cash logo and contains little technical information.