A Reddit user has promised to pay 0.01 BTC to every other user that comments on his post, in the event that Trump wins the presidential election. The post has gone haywire on both the /r/bitcoin and r/The_Donald sub-Reddits.

Here’s what Coincle says:

If Trump wins, here's what I'll do… I'll give 0.01 BTC to everyone that comments. Don't worry about bankruptcy, I've been here for more than 5 years. Also, I want Trump to win. I forgot to tell you to comment your address, so please edit your comment and add your receiving address. Thanks! If this goes to the media, i'll be bankrupt. No, this isn't funded by Trump lol. Here, i've posted it over at The Donald subreddit, but it's 10x less https://www.reddit.com/r/The_Donald/comments/5bolmo/if_trump_wins_heres_what_ill_do/. For those who don't have a wallet ready: https://www.bitaddress.org. Since there are almost 800 comments please follow this strawpoll, http://www.strawpoll.me/11597699.

Within 12 hours of his announcement, Coincle has received over 2,330 comments, with some suggesting the poster would go bankrupt.

Earlier, academic and author David Golumbia had suggested that the politics of Blockchain should make people worried about US presidential hopeful and Republican candidate, Donald Trump, and those who support him.

Betting or Vote Buying?

While there were suggestions that the writer is essentially paying $7 to buy a vote, which may be considered a misdemeanor offence that is punishable by a one to two years jail time sentence in a federal prison, others say it is mere betting. Whichever way, some of those who submitted their wallet addresses, note that they will use the promised amount - assuming Trump wins and that they receive the money - for charity.   

Though there hasn’t been any empirical proof to support the claim, Trump’s candidacy has been implied to be in tandem with the growing popularity of the top digital currency.

Golumbia stated in his post that some attributes of Bitcoin and the Blockchain technology are interfering with the ongoing US presidential election and that a substantial number of Bitcoin users support the Republican candidate.

The rejection of Bitcoin by Democrat candidate, Hillary Clinton, could also be a factor that has created the link between Trump and Bitcoin.