The cryptocurrency exchange Poloniex has said it “cannot commit to supporting any specific Blockchain” in the event of a Bitcoin split.

In an announcement to traders outlining its stance on next week’s decisive moment for Bitcoin, Poloniex said it would leave all options open.

“At this time, we cannot commit to supporting any specific Blockchain that may emerge if there is a Blockchain split,” it wrote.

“Even if two viable Blockchains emerge, we may or may not support both and will make such a decision only after we are satisfied that we can safely support either Blockchain in an enterprise environment.”

Bitcoin’s price had surged as concerns that a hard fork would remove value from the network calmed last week.

Japanese exchanges even resumed operations following a temporary shutdown in preparation for forecast disruption.

Poloniex, meanwhile, has said it would cut off access to its platform “anytime we deem necessary” over the coming weeks.

“The length of any possible downtime is unknown as this is highly dependent on network stability,” the blog post continued.

“Our objective will be to bring the wallet back online and enable deposits and withdrawals as soon as we believe it is safe to do so. Trading will be unaffected during these periods.”

The exchange received scorn from users last week as Bitcoin gained rapidly after it froze Litecoin trading, leaving them temporarily unable to profit from the altcoin’s uptick.