Bitcoin Core developer Greg Maxwell has offered to fly to Australia to prove self-proclaimed Bitcoin “creator” Craig Wright is a “fraud.”

In the latest episode of the ongoing Reddit-based dispute surrounding claims Wright made over a year ago, Maxwell, who has often engaged with the entrepreneur, attempted to involve the Australian Tax Office (ATO).

“If anyone from the ATO is reading this: I'd be willing to travel to AU on my own dime and offer expert testimony against this fraud,” he wrote Tuesday.

“His claims to be the creator of Bitcoin are utterly and obviously fabricated, and I can suggest dozens of the world’s foremost subject matter experts who will happily testify to the same effect.”

Wright continues to be an active yet contentious force in Bitcoin.

Last week, he agreed with an assertion by the New York Federal Reserve’s Asani Sarkar, that there was “no really good reason to hold Bitcoin in and of itself.”

Earlier this year, meanwhile, the nChain architect caused a stir at a conference, when a speech on Bitcoin became a seemingly personal attack on Core developers and users alike.

Repeating assertions Wright’s purported personal Bitcoin addresses in fact belonged to defunct exchange Mt. Gox, Maxwell refused to bow to an increasingly agitated Wright.

Addressing the ATO again, he continued:

“I am quite confident that you'll discover the high value Bitcoin addresses which Wright was claiming were his property - assets underlying loans and transfers - his filings and prior testimony to you, are in fact those of the MTGOX Bitcoin exchange and were never his property at all.”