ShapeShift, the cryptocurrency exchange company, has finally reached over 50 percent of alt to alt transactions compared to three percent when it started.

In a recent tweet by ShapeShift CEO Erik Voorhees, it was announced that as of six months, the alt to alt transactions for cryptocurrency exchange platform ShapeShift has finally reached over 50 percent compared to three percent when they started. He further stated that digital tokens and cryptocurrencies are slowly becoming more relevant and turning into world class assets.

Erik Voorhees and ShapeShift aim to make cryptocurrency swaps easier. ShapeShift has been growing since its inception in 2013 and has been riding along the virtual currency trend ever since.

Leading the pack

Last March, Voorhees stated that he was already investing $525,000 into improvements for the exchange engine as well as marketing in order to further improve the platform.

This led to a growth of 30 percent every month over the past one and a half years. Based on these improvements, which included the improvement of speed and simple use, it is no surprise that the platform received favorable responses. In fact, by the end of March, ShapeShift reached a growth rate of 48 percent per month during the past one and half years, and it does not look like slowing.

The announcement led to favorable responses from followers both of Voorhees and of ShapeShift.

With the news from Voorhees, it seems that he is expecting not only the growth of Bitcoin and other big cryptocurrency platforms like Ethereum but even altcoins, with ShapeShift leading the pack.

The trend of digital tokens can also be perceived as people becoming receptive to the cryptocurrency market which is why Voorhees is definitely expecting virtual currencies to become a main currency in the future. It may even one day become one of the most important and relevant forms of currency.