There has been a pronounced growth in the number of Bitcoin wallets since the creation of this cryptocurrency, the rate of growth has been observed to show a sharp increase within the last two years. Considering the amount of Bitcoin wallets in existence, and the forecasted growth within the next few years, could the bitcoin wallet cause a significant change within the world of investing?

Every investor among other things considers primarily the inherent cost of any given investment, and the turnaround time of ventures such as these are major factors that will determine the viability of the investment.

The peer-to-peer (P2P) nature of Bitcoin and the absence of intermediaries has seen the cryptocurrency appear to be very friendly and cost effective to its users.

Recent predictions have seen experts forecast a near future where Bitcoin will significantly change the way that investors carry out their businesses around the globe.

The signs are already there

Alena Vranova, Co-Founder and Director at SatoshiLabs believes that the number of bitcoin users and investors will continuously rise, stating her reasons in clear terms, she says:

“The Chinese credit bubble and slowing economy coupled with the country's restrictive monetary policy will drive new waves of interest in bitcoin for the Chinese market. We may see similar activity as we saw in November/December 2015 in response to the actions of the Russian MMM.

As for the global market, economists have already announced a very harsh recession. I believe that the falling commodity prices will turn into sharply decreasing trust in the petrodollar, while the Euro may be better off yet still struggling with the continuous eurozone periphery crisis. We may see a significant rise of gold and other alternatives, such as bitcoin.

The number of bitcoin users / investors will continuously rise, as well as the price. I'd expect a level around 600$ and usual spikes up to 1000-1200 USD/BTC.”

Bitcoin will change the system

Susanne Tarkowski Tempelhof is the founder of Bitnation. Sussane thinks that Bitcoin is out for a total reconfiguration of the entire investment environment. She puts it this way:

“Bitcoin will definitively rewire the entire investment landscape. Both through cryptoequity, and through making goods like rice, cars, houses, gold etc. a fungible asset (in the form of meta tokens) on the blockchain.”

Same concept, different carrier

Jacob Lee is the CEO of DTCO. A company that is dedicated to making applications for Bitcoin wallets, and the creator of miniBank which is a Bitcoin wallet that can be used for investment.

Jacob thinks that a Bitcoin wallet will eventually be used in the same concept as an investment bank, stating that the Bitcoin wallet will also support blockchain assets and investors could invest in company shares, fund startups and IPOs on the blockchain etc., using Bitcoin wallets instead of traditional stock exchanges or funding processes.

He concluded by saying:

“With Smart contract implemented, investors can get dividends straight to the wallet as well.”

It is quite obvious that the future of Bitcoin is still unfolding.