In January, the Christmas and holiday craze will mostly be over. Wouldn’t it be great to receive one late Christmas gift? How about a free entrance to the biggest Bitcoin conference in London?

After the previous successes of the Central European Bitcoin Expo Vienna, the BitcoinExpo 2014 Shanghai, and the Bitcoin 2 Business Congress Brussels, the CryptoEvents team is now bringing you BitcoinExpo London 2015.

The conference will take place in London, UK, January 24–25, 2015.

In the spirit of Bitcoin, BitcoinExpo 2015 is all about the cryptocurrency community, openness and accessibility. This is why BitcoinExpo 2015 London is FREE to attend.

The organizers explain in the official press release:

“We would like to carry this idea with us and make Bitcoin more accessible to the general public. We want to spread our knowledge and make Bitcoin proliferate.”

“This is all thanks to our principal partner, Transaction Coin, who made this event possible,” they added. As you get a free ticket to BitcoinExpo 2015, you can also get free Txcoins (TXC) when mining Bitcoins or Dogecoins. Yes, if you are a Dogecoin follower, BitcoinExpo 2015 will be one of the first conferences with its own Dogecoin discussion panel.

“It is time that Dogecoin will receive some love as well.”

Each day new speakers are added to our conference. The speakers confirmed so far include:

  • Marco Streng, CEO, Genesis Mining

  • Matej Michalko, CTO, BitcoinMarketing

  • Adam Vaziri, CEO, Dacle Ltd.

  • John Michell, Xecnet Ltd UK

  • Wilhelmina Jewell Strong-Sparks, CEO and Founder OTGC, BitHouse

  • Amin Rafiee, CoinsSource

  • Simon Dixon, CEO,

  • Atif Nazir, CEO,

  • Benjamin Bommhardt, Bitcoin Foundation

  • Mariën Glenn, Founder,

  • Kingsley Edwards, Founder, Leetcoin, Inc.

  • Christian Rotzoll, CTO, DogeRain

  • Stanislaw Wolf, Yacuna AG

… with many more to come

For the full speakers list, agenda, and more information about Bitcoin Expo 2015 in London, please visit the official website.

The conference is free of charge, however, the number of free tickets is limited. You can also buy a VIP ticket, which will guarantee you the best seats in the house. The price of one-day VIP ticket is £109; a two-day ticket costs £129. Following the previous success of BTC2B Startup Show, there will be a similar event in London. Early stage startups can register for £99 to have short pitching slots. Investor tickets are available for £399.

BitcoinExpo 2015 accepts Bitcoin for all payments.

In the spirit of Christmas, CryptoEvents team would like to wish you merry Christmas, happy holidays and a happy new year 2015. See you all in London!

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