The proliferation of scams in the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency world continues, even as the values show signs of stability. As with other banking institutions, the Bitcoin world is falling prey to phishing scams seeking access to private wallets.

The most recent appears to be a phishing email sent under the name of, the payment and settlement service for cryptocurrencies. After a number of users reported the email to the company, one of the leads for BitPay released a public service announcement via Reddit, warning users.

The announcement included the following statement indicating that: “This is not a legitimate BitPay email and is a clear phishing attempt. If you receive this email do not open its contents and certainly do not click on any link, button, or attachment.”

Users are encouraged to report the attempt to email providers. Gmail users can report by visiting Official Gmail Help Center.

As Bitcoin price increases, the opportunity for fraudulent scammers will continue to increase, leading to greater levels of risk for holders.