Liechtenstein-based international cryptocurrency exchange Bittrex Global has rolled out credit and debit card support for 125 more countries.

Following an earlier introduction of the service for residents in the United Kingdom, Germany, France, and the Netherlands, the exchange announced its significant global extension of Visa support on April 20. 

In addition to making fiat deposits and trading directly using their Visa cards, users can now access further features such as conditional orders and trading with euros on the platform’s recently-launched Bittrex Euromarkets.

Stephen Stonberg, chief financial and operating officer for Bittrex Global has said that Visa support is an important inroad for investors, noting: 

“During the current market volatility we are seeing more and more people look to digital assets for diversification. Our goal is to provide them with an experience that shows trading cryptocurrencies is as seamless as any traditional asset class.”

Bittrex Global — which launched in September 2019 and is preparing to be registered with the FMA under the Blockchain Act — reportedly plans to roll out further global fiat currency onramps in the near future.

New options for Visa purchases

Binance has, like Bittrex, made a push to expand its fiat gateways in recent months and currently supports crypto purchases with credit cards in over 50 jurisdictions. 

As with major U.S. crypto exchange Coinbase’s recent announcement of its principal membership of Visa, some industry actors are trying to go beyond fiat Visa onramps to provide crypto-specific debit cards.