Blockchain payment platform Bitwala has said it will “not actively fork away” from the Bitcoin chain considered genuine by Core developers.

Responding to customer requests for clarification of its stance on SegWit2x, the company said in a blog post it would leave any remaining decisions “up to the market.”

“Should the Bitcoin developers come to the conclusion to follow the SegWit2x agreement, that chain will be considered the de facto Bitcoin by Bitwala,” it confirmed.

SegWit2x will likely become a second Bitcoin hard fork in November, together with the recently-created Bitcoin Cash (BCH).

Some businesses have begun issuing preemptive announcements to Bitcoin holders, while others have yet to release formal information.

The topic is contentious, as tensions are mounting over the implications of having three ‘versions’ of Bitcoin in circulation, any one of which could become the de facto ‘real’ Bitcoin.

“We will (and are constantly doing so) review which coins to natively support, so if you want to make your voice heard, we encourage you to politely and constructively approach those who can make the changes you desire or feel you are owed,” Bitwala continued.

The platform counts Barry Silbert’s Digital Currency Group among its shareholders. Silbert is the architect of the so-called New York Agreement that galvanized industry players to lock in SegWit but failed to get support for Core developers.