Ubitquity LLC team launches first Blockchain Real Estate Meetup in Washington DC. The event takes place on Sunday, January 31. The Meetup is aimed at connecting experts from the traditional real estate industry with Bitcoin and Blockchain enthusiasts to create connections that will bring benefits to both industries.

Although it was founded by Ubitquity team members - Nathan Wosnack, Christian Saucier and Matt McKibbin - it will remain a neutral Meetup for the free exchange of ideas and knowledge based on objective evidence. It is open so everyone interested in Blockchain or real estate can attend it to learn something new about new technologies and solutions for both industries.

The main aim of the Meetup is to bring different experts together so they can exchange ideas to create unique solutions to benefit the real estate industry in the future. Nathan Wosnack, CEO of Ubitquity, stated to Cointelegraph:

“We expect to meet people in and around D.C who are involved in both sectors. From real estate title, clerks, to Blockchain consultants, developers, etc. It will be about the spreading of ideas, making industry contacts, investors, etc. We see real estate as the next big thing for 2016”.

Nathan Wosnack, CEO of Ubitquity

According to Nathan Wosnack, the Meetup has attracted many people from different companies who want to make new connections and gain new knowledge. In fact, such Meetups could help with building a bridge between traditional real estate sphere and Bitcoin Blockchain industry. Nathan added:

“With Ubitquity being pioneers in Blockchain real estate (title/deeds) for our upcoming platform, and a team of experts in both, we thought we'd take the first step in starting the Meetup and see how it unfolds. So far the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive”.