Popular wallet provider Blockchain (formerly Blockchain.info) has released support for Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and credited users with equivalent balances.

From today, those with BTC in Blockchain wallets August 1 are able to access an identical amount of BCH to trade or store.

The move comes over two months after the fork originally came into being, with Blockchain initially uncertain as to whether it would support it.

“Since the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) hard fork activated on August 1st, we’ve continued to monitor this emerging digital asset and confirmed in a brief update our decision to roll out limited support, in line with our users’ requests, within approximately 8 weeks,” an announcement states.

Blockchain had first advised it would cater to BCH at the end of August. Some wallet providers had been quick to open access to users, while others shunned the fork altogether.

Trends in the BCH price have tended downwards since its release, with each new wallet reveal coinciding with further selling pressure pushing prices lower.

BCH Charts

At press time Thursday, the chain was selling at around $310 per coin, having previously reached highs of almost $1000.

While hardline promoters Roger Ver and Jihan Wu continue to tout its virtues, attention throughout the industry has refocused on the upcoming SegWit2x hard fork set for November 18.

So far, Blockchain has not released information about how it will handle SegWit2x, nor has it adopted a position on Bitcoin Gold, a third fork due earlier the same month.