The Bitcoin and Ethereum wallet provider Coinbase has added 100,000 users in just three days, continuing a record spurt lasting since June.

Coinbase, which has struggled to keep up with demand in recent months, is also making headway in its ongoing legal battle over access to its records for tax purposes.

The latest statistics come courtesy of entrepreneur Alistair Milne, who collected archived website data to reveal the impressive total which runs through June 21.

Coinbase has come under heavy criticism from users on social media for its handling of recent Bitcoin price volatility.

Regular service outages and lack of responses to complaints came as an influx of new users stretched its back-end capabilities and staff to the max.

Facing challenges on several fronts, Coinbase most recently won another small victory in its court debacle with the US Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

In allowing one Coinbase claimant known as ‘John Doe 4’ to proceed anonymously, a district court judge appeared to question the nature of the IRS’ demands in a recent filing.

Coinbase, lawyers and even Congress members have all previously criticized the scope of the investigation for being too “broad.”