A DeFi service and tech provider says its “Cloud SaaS” and white-label crypto trading platform solution has served more than 130 partners around the world — onboarding more than 5 million retail traders and taking custody of assets worth $6 billion as a result.

Bluehelix says it provides crypto-to-crypto trading, wealth management, over-the-counter services, as well as options contracts. Currently, it has also launched perpetual contracts to licensed brokers and exchanges with both Tether (USDT) Margin Swap and Coin Margin Swap — either on a Software-as-a-Service basis or via a white-label solution. Bluehelix states its SaaS cloud solution enables partners to establish their own trading platform business with no need to start it from the ground, and with decent liquidity for mainstream coins or even on derivative products. 



The company specializes in decentralized financial services and blockchain infrastructure. Its professional and secure proprietary exchange system is designed to expand local brokerage businesses, delivering a capacity of up to 240 million transactions per second on a single trading pairs and can add unlimited shards with individual performance of 30,000 per second. Bluehelix says it also boasts low latency by offering instant order-to-transact and market pushes in less than 5 milliseconds.


Bluehelix says the beating heart of its system is a decentralized system for private key generation and management, which makes use of zero-knowledge proof and sophisticated cryptographic tools. The company says many complex issues associated with blockchain technology are yet to be resolved, problems that are being amplified as trading volumes increase.


Three innovations to solve blockchain’s problems

According to Bluehelix Chain, it has developed three unique selling points that help to resolve some of the ongoing downsides associated with blockchain. Private keys are managed by using verification and consensus across all of the validators in its network, helping to ensure that assets in custody cannot be manipulated by a single party. A mechanism results in fast and scalable consensus clearing, and the open-source public blockchain is also delivering comprehensive API support. This means financial institutions and startups can focus on creating and operating their products, instead of having to worry about security issues and technological hiccups.

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The business has been divided into three major areas. While the BHEX exchange is billed as a “top technology-driven trading platform,” the Bluehelix Cloud describes itself as the world’s leading software-as-a-service provider to other trading platforms. The offering is finished off by Bluehelix Chain, the decentralized cross-chain assets custody services blockchain.

While these three areas are separate, Bluehelix says the ultimate aspiration is to ensure that they support each other and drive the whole business forward. The project’s blockchain is currently in a testnet phase, but developers said: “The launch of the Bluehelix Chain will greatly improve the circulation of digital assets in the decentralized world, providing existing DeFi and decentralized exchange ecosystems with safer and better quality assets such as BTC.”

Architectural design on the Bluehelix blockchain has been ongoing for some time, and it was finalized in July 2018. Developers expect the mainnet to launch within the first three months of 2020. James Ju, Bluehelix’s founder, says the project has already attracted substantial levels of capital investment from major exchanges including Huobi and OKCoin in 2018.

In 2019, Bluehelix took part in a wide rage of events including Global Meet-Ups in Japan, China, Vietnam, South Korea and Indonesia, Eurasia Blockchain Summit, Blockshow Asia 2019, Blockchain 2020 and many others. 

Helping smaller exchanges

Through its white-label and SaaS offering, Bluehelix aims to help smaller exchanges cut through the noise and compete with bigger platforms. Tyler Wu, the project’s global general manager, says newer platforms face huge challenges on multiple fronts — including high operating costs, low liquidity and disappointing levels of market depth.

Tyler says the Bluehelix Cloud aims to give these upstarts a competitive edge — strengthening their capabilities and ensuring they can give traders the options they deserve through descent levels of crypto trading liquidity and product customization. Bluehelix Cloud’s “1 to N” exchange and brokerage trading system solution to launch crypto exchange platform, featuring in proven compliance system security, high-performance matching engine, aggregated liquidity solution, flexible marketing tools and multi-entry trading terminals. Bluehelix will open front-end source code for branding customization and authorize Org API/OAuth API for post-development to fulfill various operation needs.


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