This week’s headlines from Japan included one of country's leaders describing Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto's dream as meaningful, LayerX Labs collaborating with a Japanese university for blockchain research, the FINSUM blockchain conference hosts notable discussion on security tokens offerings, and the head of Monex Group saying Japan is falling behind the U.S. on STOs. 

Check out some of this week’s crypto and blockchain headlines, originally reported by Cointelegraph Japan.

Japanese Financial Services Agency head describes Bitcoin as impactful

At the end of Tokyo's 2020 Blockchain Global Governance Conference, or BG2C, also called FINSUM, Ryozo Himino, the secretary of Japan's Financial Services Agency, said Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto's dream has aged well. 

"I think Satoshi's dream is more meaningful today," Himino said on Aug. 25, closing out the two-day summit. The leader touched on a bevy of points during his speech, including the aspect of trust in the move to online meetings instead of in-person ones — the result of COID-19.

LayerX Labs dives into blockchain study with a Japanese university

LayerX Labs, under blockchain company LayerX, has teamed up with the Suto Lab at the Tokyo Institute of Technology to look into blockchain consensus algorithms, an Aug. 28 statement from LayerX said. The move seeks to benefit the public blockchain arena.   

"In this collaborative research, we will utilize the public blockchain simulator 'SimBlock' developed by Suto Laboratory to evaluate the safety and performance of cutting-edge consensus algorithms such as Ethereum's Proof-of-Stake protocol 'Casper,'" the statement explained. 

FINSUM hosts security token offering discussion

Security Token Offerings, or STOs were a hot topic at the FINSUM fintech conference on Aug. 24 and 25. One segment discussed security tokens' potential in the real estate sector, with authority comments on the ability to spread out property ownership through such tokens, spurring growth in the market.

Shunichi Yukawa, the general manager for Mitsui Fudosan Solution Planning Office detailed that security tokens make more properties and buildings available and enticing investments. The event also hosted other comments and discussion on security tokens. 

Monex Group head says Japan is behind the U.S. 

Giving a talk at the FINSUM conference, Daisuke Matsumoto, the CEO of Tokyo-based financial services company Monex Group, said Japan needs to pick up its innovative pace when it comes to STOs. 

"The United States is moving ahead and Japan is lagging behind," he said. Matsumoto attributed the U.S.' progression to adapting regulatory guidelines, as well as the country seeing value in innovation.