This week’s headlines from Japan included SBI Holdings pairing up with Redstone Digital for a joint venture fund, LayerX teaming up with GMO Aozora for digitalization research, Decurret working to put aspects of the health system on the blockchain with Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance, BitFlyer exchange releasing a commercial, and a data company producing a report on crypto in Japan. 

Check out some of this week’s crypto and blockchain headlines, originally reported by Cointelegraph Japan.

SBI Holdings starts up joint venture fund with Redstone

Tokyo-based SBI Holdings has paired up with Redstone Digital, a German venture capital outfit, to  collaboratively engage in a venture fund. The pair plans to put money toward distributed ledger, robotics, and fintech startups across Europe. Redstone's European investment history will bolster the pair's efforts. 

LayerX and GMO Aozora team up in digitalization effort

Together with digitalization entity, LayerX, joint venture GMO Aozora Net Bank plans to dive into financial service advancement research. 

The pair "will leverage the strengths of both parties to create DXs [Digital Transformation] for companies and government agencies," GMO Aozora said in a statement. The statement also labeled digitalization as a battle tactic against coronavirus. 

Crypto exchange and insurance company apply blockchain to health industry

Digital asset exchange DeCurret and Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance tested medical filings on the blockchain recently. The pair collaboratively also worked with crypto, shooting for a blockchain-based automated system around accidents and related compensation.

The system involves the whole gamut of processes, ranging from medical records to payouts, all based on the blockchain. Decurrent received funding from Tokio Marine & Nichido in the collaboration. 

BitFlyer exchange goes on TV

Certain regions might see the BitFlyer exchange on TV until May 26, as the company aired its first ad on the tube in years. Areas of broadcast include the Japanese regions of Aichi, Gifu and Mie. The commercial boasts the vocal talent of actor Hitoshi Katagiri. 

The ads come in three variations, pertaining to Bitcoin, cold wallets and multi-sig tech.  

The commercials aim for crypto education, as well as the introduction of security enhancements to ease customers' minds, BitFlyer brass told Cointelegraph Japan. 

Digital asset data platform reports on Japanese crypto market

Digital asset disclosure and data company Xangle took a deep dive into the state of the Japanese crypto market, surfacing with a detailed analytics numbers. The report overviewed Japan's crypto participation in relation to the rest of the world, as well as the state of exchanges in the country. The report also detailed crypto transactions sent from the nation.