In the last week of January, Argentina-based operator enBitcoins expanded its services to Mexico. Mexican residents can not only pay utility bills but also send and receive money. It seems like the company is moving forward with its goal of conquering Latin America.

Previously, Cointelegraph had written about enBitcoins expanding to Colombia. As judged from the short period of time between opening in two countries, the company is quite speedy in its expansion.

Mexicans now can benefit from utility payments through the enBitcoins platform as well as residents of Colombia and Argentina. However, Marcelo Guillen CEO & Founder stated to Cointelegraph that they “also offer remittance service for Mexicans”.

“We offer remittance service for our Mexican clients in addition to bill payment option. Our idea is that residents of every country of Latin America could transact, send money and pay their local bills”.

enBitcoin charges its standard 2% fee for both remittances and bill payments. According to Marcelo Guillen, their services are very simple to use. People “don't need anything, except Bitcoins to pay their bills or send money to another countries”.

Gullien says:

“We take care of everything else.”

Marcelo Guillen CEO & Founder