At the end of October, Cointelegraph and Epicenter Bitcoin announced their partnership. Every Saturday, we have been bringing you weekly summaries of the latest EB episode, recently covering shows with David Johnston, Daniel Peled, Arianna Simpson, and other important figures in the Bitcoin space.

The roles will be reversed this week, as Cointelegraph will be featured on Epicenter Bitcoin. Chief Editor, Allen Scott, and writer Ian DeMartino will join me, Sebastien Couture (Brian Fabian Crain is away), for EB's weekly live Hangout on Air. The show’s topics will revolve around the new business models and monetization opportunities that Bitcoin enables for content producers. Allen and Ian will talk about how Cointelegraph has been able to utilize these innovative new models, as well as discuss some of the company's long-term plans.

You can watch the show live, tomorrow, Sunday December 14 at 10AM PST / 1PM EST (1800 UTC). The episode will be released on YouTube, SoundCloud, iTunes, and other podcast platforms the following day.

Episode 56: Championing Bitcoin's Libertarian Roots with Daniel Krawisz

In the latest episode of Epicenter Bitcoin, Brian and Sebastien were joined by Daniel Krawisz. Daniel first heard about Bitcoin from Ross Ulbricht (the alleged Silk Road founder Dread Pirate Roberts) and, at the time, was quite skeptical about its viability. While observing the early Bitcoin rush in 2011, he realized that it indeed had a shot at becoming a world currency. Network effects play a crucial role in shaping his thinking about cryptocurrencies, which made him understand the huge price potential of Bitcoin and also informs his skepticism of altcoins today.

“Bitcoin can be the world's money. If you believe in Bitcoin, that should be your end game.”

A student at the University of Texas at Austin, Daniel brought up bitcoin and the cypherpunks movement with some of his peers. Eventually, they started the Satoshi Nakamoto Institute. The organization helps to promote the work of Satoshi Nakamoto by providing an archive of his writings, and his online conversations in the early days of Bitcoin.

The institute aims to keep the founding ideological principles of Bitcoin alive and prevent its crypto-anarchist roots from becoming marginalized. One could argue that has been happening recently, as much of the attention has shifted to the startups and business opportunities within the space. Daniel and his co-founders Michael Goldstein and Pierre Rochard also publish insightful articles on the current state of the Bitcoin movement, its economics, libertarianism and on where they feel the cryptocurrency should be going.

You can read Daniel's writing on the Nakamoto Institute blog.

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