As a sign of the rising popularity of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, the UK-based Dadiani Fine Art Gallery has begun accepting Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and other cryptos as entrance payment.

The art gallery owner Eleesa Dadiani said, “We are combining old world business ethics and practice with the new world of technology the current system is becoming stale and needs to be disrupted.”

She adds:

"Cryptocurrencies will provide a bridge from the elitist, centralist fine art market to a decentralized open source world where many more will be able to become a part of this exhilarating market.”

The gallery is offering a set of sculptures made from the exhaust manifolds of Formula 1 cars.

This most recent cryptocurrency acceptance is another sign of the rising tide of public awareness and acceptance.

While Bitcoin and other early cryptocurrencies were something of an enigma, the public sector is beginning to make use of the power of Blockchain and cryptocurrencies. As more and more companies accept the payment vehicle, the popularity and price of these coins will only continue to increase.